The Farm & Animals:

Jenny's Beef Ltd is based in West Cornwall, the herd of cattle grazing the lush green pastures of a traditional Cornish farm.
Animal husbandary is at the forefront of Jenny's Beef Ltd's principles along with safeguarding the natural environment and creating a sustainable farming industry. Every animals history is known right back to birth, with most animals being born on farm and others bought direct from other carefully selected and known farms. Each animal is tended to daily by a familiar face who knows their individual characters and needs. 

The Slaughter & Butchery Process:

Our chosen abbatoir is local to the farm. The animals are transported to the slaughter house by ourselves to keep stress to a minimum. 

The carcass is then hung to ensure tenderness and then cut and packaged to our own requirements by highly skilled butchers.

The People:

Jenny Dunstan, founder and managing director of Jenny's Beef Ltd has always had a passion for animals and stock farming. 

Jenny is from a farming background, with generations of her family being beef farmers. Jenny has numerous agricultural qualifications, including formal qualifications in livestock production.



"Delicious, local, well priced and good for the conscious; Jenny's Beef is a truly excellent choice for local, sustainable meat. Will definitely be ordering again."


"Thank you so much for such a fab meat box. We are quickly going through the box and will be re-ordering soon. Thanks again."